Friday, September 21, 2007

Our Wonderful Day!

well folks, i happen to believe that today was just about as perfect of a day as anybody can have. the weather was absolutely beautiful and we went for a nature walk. now, i must admit...i have quite the hard time making a nature walk believable. don't get me wrong. i love to take a walk and study this wonderful creation that God has given us...but i just don't enjoy talking about it while i do it. this is where my enjoyment of nature and a small child's enjoyment of nature with their mom clash head on. so, i try my best. usually i will notice most things before they do and that gives me a minute to reflect silently before the "hey look"s and the "do you think it is this"s the invitation of my dear friend amy (who has a blog) and accompanied by another dear friend kelly (who sadly does not have a blog) we went for a walk on this beautiful nature trail near amy's house. it winds it's way along mill creek.
they enjoyed finding leaves, nuts and flowers which had fallen from the trees and plants,and they enjoyed stopping to watch the ducks.
but i think most of all they enjoyed finding all types of fungus...oh, and having ice cream cones at the end. :) this was a completely wonderful day. one i know my kids and i will remember for a long time to come. i can only pray you were blessed with such a wonderful day too!


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