Saturday, December 15, 2007

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

today we went on safari to get out christmas tree. we always approach this activity as if we are hunting a savage wild beast. none of those precut babies for's all about the hunt. through the wonderful kindness of a friend we were coaxed to go to a new farm this year, which was much larger than the farm of previous years. well, we hiked around acre after acre for two hours until we found just the right one. the kids were getting exhausted...heck, so were they were overjoyed to find it.there is something about a christmas tree that assures me that everything is right with the world and that God is still in charge no matter what might go on. this "hope" ornament is quite possibly my most favorite ornament on our tree. it's not the most expensive one by any means. in fact, i think i got it 90% after christmas at target a few years back. but, i love it because isn't that what christmas is in it's true essence...hope? this ornament has seen alot of things in our home. i particularly remember it two years ago. i had just given birth to our third child and was in deep postpartum depression. i would sit in the chair in our living room, nursing our little girl and staring at that ornament on the front of the tree. even though i felt horrible, there was some little flicker inside that said there was hope in the season and eventually, though it might take awhile, things would be alright. it's just amazing what a little ornament on an evergreen can do. i just love pulling out the ornaments year after year.

those that remind you of those you hold dear...

and those that remind you of those who have passed from your life and you hope to see in heaven one day. today was a wonderful day for family and for memories. the kids had such a joyful day and it was joyful for us to see them and walk through the tree farm and down memory lane with them. please join me tomorrow when i post pics for Boomama's Holiday Tour of Homes.


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