Sunday, December 02, 2007

...And Now It's Advent!

well, i haven't posted since thanksgiving...because's been downright crazy around here. since then we've had two birthdays, company from out of town, a horrible meeting about our new home, a craft show, multiple dress rehearsals and hours of hair curling, a dance recital, lots of sleepless nights and have also sold our house (yep, we're no longer homeowners, we can call ourselves tenants in our own home). i think that run on sentence shows exactly how with it i am right about now. i think i am possibly figuring out what day and time it is. which reminds me...i should be in bed. anyway, today is the first sunday of advent. tonight we used our advent wreath for dinner and as usual, the kids love it. we blessed the wreath, read the scripture for today, lit the candle and sang "o come, o come emmanuel." we have a beautiful advent wreath which my grandmother gave me for christmas a few years ago just days before she died. the wreath is actually four separate pieces with a statue on each. i would love to show you a picture but our pc crashed the other day and i'm writing this on my husband's mac. oh people, it is so painful. i have refused in the past to learn it but now i fear i may have no other choice. the love of my life informs me that i can use the camera the same on here as on the pc but i'm afraid that grasping something new tonight may actually cause my head to explode. i'm a teensy bit fragile right now you see. ok, so he's going downstairs to take a picture of the wreath for me. i guess i'll just close my eyes, plug my ears and hum while he uploads what do you think? it looks alot better in person, but you get the idea.

this year we will be preparing for our Savior's birth with a jesse tree. we always do something for advent but this is a first year for the jesse tree. we will be using the kit from illuminated ink for some of the ornaments and making the rest ourselves. we will also be incorporating as many of the feast days of the season as we can. a few definites on the list are st. nicholas, the immaculate conception and our lady of guadalupe. however, what i am most excited about this advent is that i have almost completed my christmas shopping (just two gifts left to go) and i will be able to spend advent in preparation with my children. this has always been a goal of mine every year, but it has never come to thrills me that it's finally here. i am hoping that all the craziness and heartache of the past few weeks are behind us and that we will be able to truly quiet ourselves and await His coming.


Blogger simplysewn said...

I'm so glad things have gone well with your house! Your advent wreath is amazing. Your are giving the kids an amazing gift of tradition. Beth

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