Friday, January 25, 2008

Changin' Them 'Tilities Is 'Spensive!

wow, i'm a literary genius. ain't that the truth yins! :) but seriously, i can't believe how much companies make you pay for doing...oh, pretty close to absolutely nothing. for example, the gas company charges $90...yep, you saw that right...ten bucks short of a hundred to "switch my account." and since gas has been flowing freely to the new house since it was built and i'm not asking to take the underground piping from the old house and avail its use at the new one, i'm thinking "transfer my account" involves a few key strokes. so if we give them an extra keystroke for deleting the old address and one for each letter of the new address, we're paying roughly...$2.31 per keystroke...and that's just to the gas company. don't even get me started on the phone company. where can i find a job that will pay me $2.31 per keystroke? heck, i would have already made myself just shy of two hundred bucks with this post.


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