Saturday, January 12, 2008

Leave It To Me... have to get a meaning for my life from a veggie tales movie. this afternoon we took our kids to see the new veggie tales movie, "the pirates who don't do anything." the kids have been looking forward to it for a month and on account of some free movie passes my husband was awarded at was i. totally off the topic. did you know that pretzel bites and a drink at a movie theatre cost $10.50. but i digress. the movie was good. i'm not quite sure that i liked it as much as "jonah," but the remake of the b-52's "rock lobster," (in veggie tales land, "rock monster") was superb. and also, i'm a little slow to admit...i got teary eyed. you see, there's a father in the movie and he's supposed to represent, you guessed it, The Father, you know...the big guy upstairs. and he tells the pirates that he gave them trials to make them realize what they had. i thought i would bawl. yes, i have always known this but when a larger than life talking vegetable tells me it...well people, it's somethin' else entirely. so without going into depth in my personal life for all the 3.2 people who read this...i'll go into it in person some time if you like, but you understand. the other day, God and i had a little pow wow, that involved alot of tears (on my part, i can't be positive about His), a big ol' apology (that obviously didn't need to come from His side of the tracks) and alot of relief. it didn't come easily and took something that seemed downright crushing to do it, but it came...and by golly it was blessed. isn't that just the way? He's totally into giving us the desires of our heart because He loves us so, but He also wants us to realize what we already have and what we are leaving for this "bigger and better thing." He wants us to see that He's never left us. it's just that back then, the gifts He gave to us were different. they were better or worse, they were just different. they were to suit the situation we were in then, the need we had then. and even if the gifts we may receive now seem totally better, they are the same as yesterday. our needs change. we grow. He knows that and gives us everything we need and so much more, until we are overflowing. He's good people...oh He's good. and thanks to one of the four food groups for reminding me.


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