Thursday, January 03, 2008

Remember That Peace I Was Talking About?

well, it's waining. ok, i'm trying not to let it but yesterday the alternator (we believe) started to go out on our only functioning vehicle. this caused it to stall right in the middle of moving traffic in our city square. i was petrified to say the least as i fumbled for the hazards and prayed that someone would not hit me as the car slowed to a stop. praise God though, nobody hit me and the call started right back up. then, we got a call from our realtor letting us know that the funding for our new home is bogged down in government discussion and whatnot somewhere. we have to be out of here in 28 days. we're not scared yet, we just need to sit down and weigh out all of our options in case they need to be used. we would appreciate any prayers for this situation. i'm still praying that God's will be done in all of this. He does and will take care of all of us and things will work out.


Blogger Xia said...

We are praying for you guys! Keep turning it over, God knows exactly what you need :-)

6:44 AM


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