Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Venite Adoramus Dominum!

merry christmas! i hope you are enjoying a peaceful and blessed day celebrating the birth of Our Lord and Savior who was born in the hay. this year has been such an expectant time for our family. many things that have been going on in our lives made this advent so special and i think really helped us to drink deep of the true spirit of waiting. although our waiting on earthly matters has not come to an end, as of yet, we have peace. we have the peace that can only be given through the fulfillment of an eternal promise. the promise that God would send His Son, to earth, for us. how mind blowing is that? i think we are still in awe today just as the shepherds were when they arrived at the stable. they saw myriads of angels in the skyproclaiming to them that a king had been born. what must they have expected? what would we have expected had we been out in that field on that first christmas night? did they expect a tiny baby, lying in a manger, with a simple family of peasants? but isn't that the real beauty of it? that we think we truly know what we need, what is best for us...but He only knows for sure. the people of the day thought they needed a mighty warrior and ruler of a king to come and save them...but only He knew for sure that what they really needed was a humble baby to come and save them from their sins and give them eternal life. they might not have received the earthly power they craved but what He came to give was so much more precious. He came not in power, but in love. He is love. He is the true gift of christmas. so much more precious than anything we could find under any tree. He is the gift that came to hang on a tree for you and i. to show us true love and guide us in true peace.
our prayer for you this christmas is that you may know this love and peace, celebrate it in your heart every day...and be thankful.

merry christmas from our home, to yours.

"Love came down at Christmas.
Love all lovely, Love divine.
Love came down at Christmas.
Star and angels gave the sign."
- Rossetti


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