Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Post One Hundred And One!

ok, it's just like me to be behind. i sort of spend my life like that it seems. but today when i signed in to write this i realized that i had written 100 posts. now most people would have clued into this and said something about it oh...in the 100th post. but that's just how i am, so happy 101 people.

anywho, the house is starting to look like a cardboard city. i wish i had a picture to show you. alright, actually i don't. i'm a little bothered by boxes and random pieces of whatnot everywhere. the kids just seem to see the piles of boxes as mt. rushmore or the like. i cannot even count how many times yesterday that i found the two littlest members of the family involved in some adventure or rescue mission of a doll or stuffed animal that had perilously fallen to it's doom taking a tumble off of the packed boxes. every instance was of course after they had been previously reprimanded to stay off of the boxes because some of the boxes in the library contain, you guessed it, books. and lots of books in a smallerish (forgive my making up words to suit) can be well...heavy. and tiny 25 pound little girls getting crushed by boxes of books that weigh more than them is not how i wish to spend my afternoon. call me crazy and unadventurous, but it's not.

well, off to get some school work in and then off to packing again. seriously, i don't think it's ever going to end. i told my husband by the end of the month when we need to be out, i think i'll have maybe the library packed up. argh. when we started showing the house i threw away so much stuff. now there's not really much in here but i hate packing in any way, shape or form. i'm the type that would rather by toiletries for vacation when we get to our destination. but i have started throwing away all manner of things again...with reckless abandon. my wonderful husband is not quite as sure that all sorts of things need to go to the trash. i just don't want to pack them and then in turn, unpack them some time. i shouldn't have started with the library i guess. it's just an entire wall of books (wow, that's a shocker huh?), my sewing desk and fabric stash and what we use for the only utility/storage closet in the house. maybe it will just be a breeze once that room is finished. i can hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I hadn't realized you have been posting for this long. Crazy how time flies. Love you!

-Jim (Volpe of course)

12:13 PM


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