Thursday, January 17, 2008

Enough About Me...Let's Talk About the Kids!

well, in the interest of comic relief (don't we all need some), here are a few things that my children have pulled out of their bag of tricks lately...this. gross? yes. but let's get the full story to be fully grossed out. i was eating an el fudge, quite possibly my mostest favoritest cookie in the whole world and i accidentally flipped my frosting, which of course i separate from the cookie because it's oh so luscious, into the leftover ketchup on my plate. i, totally joking, looked at our two year old and said, "would you eat this chocolate from the ketchup?" and before i could blink she said "yes," plucked it out of the ketchup and viola...the picture above.

now onto the four year old son. the other day my husband overheard him playing and thought he heard some unacceptable language. then my husband asked him what he was doing. well he proceeded to show my husband something he had built out of legos which he called his "damage car." it was fully equipped with the anakin lego guy from star wars. he showed my husband also how every time it hit was dam-ing it. therefore, everytime he would ram something with it he would yell, "come on anakin, dam it, dam it." ah yes, the dam-age car.

now, back to the two year old. she provides so much on her own. we pray a "sort of" litany of the saints every night at the end of our family prayer time. usually she just repeats the saints i say and occasionally says "pray for us." tonight she decided to invent her own saints and try to interject them among the ones i was offering. my two favorites were "st. daddy" and "st. eat cheetos."

ah kids. i think i would go nuts without them.


Blogger simplysewn said...

I have often thought about St. Eat Cheetos. His feast day is, of course, the beginning of February when the Dol Drums hit due to lack of Sun Shine and Warm Weather. St. Eat Cheetos is patron of mothers who never get enough sleep or enough positive feedback and teenage computer geeks who have too much acne. We thank you for your help during those times of stress, oh St. Eat Cheetos.

6:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so well put. i love it!

1:04 PM


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