Monday, January 28, 2008

The Big Day...It Is A Comin'

tomorrow is moving day. yep, tomorrow. the day i have been pining for every day for almost an entire calendar year, and do you think i'm ready? nope. nowhere close. i'm a basket case. i have a foyer full of packed boxes yet there is still laundry in the washer (and the dryer for that matter), furniture to be disassembled, dinner to be eaten, half a kitchen to be packed and miscellaneous other matters that i will drive myself crazy if i even think of listing them...and you don't want to read all that anyway. so, if you think of it, please say a prayer for us. and being selfish, me especially, that i don't fall apart. i already broke down crying once (it doesn't help that i'm sick with a horrible head cold and some allergies on top of it). i should take a deep breath, slowly eat some dinner ala leftovers to clean out the fridge and then dig into packing like the wind. there really isn't tons left, it's just the idea. it's some stuff that needs to be done, and it's that pesky thing called change. you know, the one i'm not good at. even if it's a great, i mean great, change. i'm excited, i'm scared, i'm exhausted. if that ain't a breakdown waiting to happen i don't know what is. there will be changes in our lives yes, but i have a feeling they will be good. but the look on these little peoples' faces running into their future backyard for the first time...
...makes it all worth it. one million fold.


Blogger Xia said...

Mucho prayers coming your way Heather. How exciting. Kids frolicking in the yard, that picture says it all. Just keep that mental image as you go through the tedious steps to make it happen!
Love and Hugs - the Zimmerman clan

4:36 AM

Blogger amy said...

I'm praying!

This is so exciting!

5:27 AM


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