Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hey, We Got A New Shower Curtain!

yes, we go from the "deep" theological musings of my mind to, hey there, look at my bathroom. mmmhmmm. yes sir, that is some quality. but really. i looked hither and yon and yon and hither for a shower curtain that i liked and well, i simply couldn't find it. i just didn't want vinyl or frilly and it seems that is what they are making these days. so, if you want plastic with a map of the world or rodeo clowns or lavender with more lace than a bridesmaid's dress from 1979, then it is your time to shop. did you know they even sell shower curtains that look exactly like curtains. they have a valance at the top, they part in the middle and they even have matching tie backs. i personally don't want the opening to my shower viewed as a window...complete with matching treatments, so i think i'll pass. i did however find this simple little number online from target.i think it was just what i was looking for. it also served the tightwad side of me too. you see, there is a running joke between myself and my husband. when i go into a store to look for a specific thing and i come out with nothing, he comments, "not cheap enough yet?" that's exactly right. unless it is necessary to sustain life (and sometimes that is negotiable and interchangeable with another product that is cheap enough) they better be almost paying me to take it out of the store, or it ain't going home with me. take for example a vacuum and some towels i purchased the other day. by the time i took advantage of some sales and used a coupon for 20% off my entire purchase, i came out paying less than i would have originally for just the vacuum. it was a very happy moment for me friends. i kept remarking to my husband all day, "wow, wasn't that cool what we paid for the vacuum and the towels?" so, back to the shower curtain. it included the matching shower rings with it and there was free shipping. plus, it was delivered right to my door so i could stay in my sock monkey slippers and put it up. let's file all of this under useless info and call it a day. :)


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Cute curtain!

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