Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sleeping Positions, Thrifty Dinners and Deep Discussions

yes, yippee, here we go. another of my random things tucked together into a blog entry. but hey, it's my blog, so buckle up. first, take a look at these pictures.

this is my littlest one. i was just amazed at the totally random ways she slept, so i thought i would document it all. fascinating? probably not. cute? yes. :)

next, a totally thrifty...and oh so tasty dinner. take a look at this baby.a roughly 2 pound porterhouse. and then take a look at this...
yep, you read that right. 4 cents, for meaty deliciousness. there is something at the local grocery that friends of ours refer to as "the green meat bin." it's not actually green, it's just the meat that is nearing the expiration and so they deeply discount it to get rid of it. and they do have really good meat. anyway, this was mismarked of course, but when it's marked that way, they sell it to you that way, so i just got really lucky to find it. with this tasty steak we other discount steak (that wasn't quite as cheap), corn, au gratin potatoes and whole wheat garlic cheese biscuits. i am very happy to report that upon tallying up all the cost of dinner...for a family of five...this meal (which seemed exquisite) totalled a whopping $5.00. that's just one buck per person. all i could say was wow, and thank you God.

now the next topic isn't quite so cool or funny in many ways. today to celebrate vocations awareness we watched a really awesome vocations movie after mass. you can watch it for yourself here by clicking on the Fishers of Men dvd at the right. anyway, there's a scene in the movie where they are talking about how hard it is to see the truth in our culture of today and they show small clips to represent some of the problems our society face. one of these shows baby's in test tubes. well today after mass in the car my seven year old daughter said, "why were those babies in those test tubes mom? i just didn't quite get it." well, not wanting to go into in vitro and all that stuff for obvious reasons, i went the route of testing unborn children and using tissue for medical things, etc. we talked for a few minutes about how this is the same thing that unfortunately people think when they support abortion, that unborn people aren't real people. we also talked about people make bad decisions and make things like movies or whatever that don't uphold the things that God would want us to do. she was quiet for a little while. about five minutes later she piped up with, "you know mom, i've been thinking. thinking that's it's really sad that God gave scientists some much knowledge and that they choose to do bad things with it. they're supposed to help people, not hurt them right?" at that moment i was so proud of my little girl. and so convinced that by the grace of God, my husband and i must be doing something right. i was also left with the same question that i have when my two year old looks at a sonogram and says "baby." if the children can see it...why can't we?


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