Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Beautiful Day...

...for a parade! today we went to the memorial day parade here in our new little "home town" and the kids had a super good time. the husband and i were thinking on the way there that the kids have never actually been, real live, in person, to a parade. sure, they love the macy's parade every year on tv but watching the television in your slippers while eating cinnamon rolls and the turkey bakes in the oven just isn't quite the same as an "actual" feel it, touch it, hear it parade. we thought they would enjoy it, and they did not disappoint. they were especially happy about all the candy they were able to catch. not that i want to live in new orleans ever again but it made me think of what they would be like at a mardi gras parade. anyway, it was a super afternoon spent as a family in this new little mayberry that we are loving more and more every day. God is so good and He has brought us to this place that we never thought would be. He has brought us back to what looks, sounds and smells (ahhh, farm land) so much like what dh and i grew up in. it is peaceful, it is relaxing and it is allowing us to be a family. thank you Lord! i was thinking about this last night at dusk as i drove along a country back road that rolled through farm land laden with cows, horses, sheep and farmers on their tractors with their big spotlights on trying to finish up the day's plowing...and i started to bawl. i was so happy about fields and cattle and farms and everything. but i'll spare you the rest of the boring details. let's just say...i'm thankful...for everything. now, i'm off to find the aloe, cause my arms are about as red as the first trucks we saw in the parade today. :)


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