Monday, May 12, 2008

Yes My Friends...Homeschooling Does Work

here's a conversation that occurred today in my car that made me take a step back, breathe easy and say, yep, they are actually learning something.

dd8 (to a passenger in our car) - "hey, we went to valley forge last week."

passenger - "what's valley forge?"

ds4 - "well, it's where george washington spent the winter during the war. don't you know that?"

dd8 - "yes, but while they were there things were bleak and they thought for sure they had lost the war until spring came with better trained troops and fortifications."

i kid you not, she actually used the words "bleak" and "fortifications" in a sentence. and they were used correctly too. just what you need on those days when you think spring has taken ahold of their minds for good and their eyes have glazed over so thickly you swear you could figure skate on them. oh, i do kid...kind of.


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