Friday, May 30, 2008

And Finally I Feel Like I Accomplished Something

today, it's on the record, i finally feel like i accomplished something this week. you see, about a week ago i got sick of seeing the crusts from my son and youngest daughter's sandwiches wasted every day. so, i got the idea to take them off before i serve the sandwich, save them all in a baggy and at the end of the week...(drumroll please)...make croutons. yep, i was pretty impressed with the idea myself. you see, my husband has been asking me to make him croutons for quite some time now because he is a.) allergic to onions and b.) has been suffering from 'purdy bad reflux. pretty much every brand of croutons under the sun involve some sort of onion something or other that makes him horribly sick. i was so ecstatic that for once...there was something that needed done...and i figured out a totally macgyver solution...and saved a few slices of perfectly good, useable for something else bread in the process. and in case you wondered, macgyver has solved all of these predicaments, but i didn't see croutons anywhere on the list. thank you Holy Spirit for helping me "one up" macgyver. but, the productivity doesn't stop there my inter-friends (i could call you interpeeps, but i don't think i'm quite that "down"). i took the leftovers from a roast, chopped it up, added the leftover gravy from said roast (which by the way was all made in the crock favorite way to make the bestest gravy) and froze it for a yummy quick meal served over mashed potatoes...or noodles...or rice...or toast. wow, the endless possibilities. then, oh then, i took the leftovers from a chicken, diced them up, added brown sugar, vinegar, worcestershire sauce and ketchup and viola...chicken bbq. i was able to freeze two quart size bags of this for other quick dinners. now the only things i have left to tackle are the strawberry muffins (or buppins as my two year old calls them) and the chicken broccoli dish to freeze for later. if it rains tomorrow morning they should get done...if it's not raining, the yard sales will beckon and i'm throwing all caution...and broccoli to the wind.


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