Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Little Girl... her first big haircut...

...and her first shiner...
...all in the same day! :) she's actually been surprisingly rather self-conscious about the black eye. (it actually looks worse in person than it does in the picture, i think the light of the kitchen window was kind.) she keeps looking at it and keeping me informed of its progress like, "it's traveling up the side of my eye now...i think it will be all around it by morning." she's asked if she could use some of my make up a few times. i just keep reminding her how beautiful she looks no matter what. i've also been telling her how many black eyes i got from playing baseball (that's how she got it, a hardball to the cheek) and how cool it makes her look. i don't think she buys the latter half of that. :)


Blogger amy said...

Tell her I said she looks absolutely beautiful!

3:21 PM


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