Sunday, June 08, 2008

The First of Many...

today the newly ordained fr. mark celebrated his first mass. it was lovely and i was so honored to be the psalmist for the mass. as i cantored i was struck by the beauty of being surrounded up there by what seemed liked a sea of priests, deacons and seminarians. so many of them look so young and so full of life to serve their Church. we are blessed. it gives me hope to see the ordination of these holy men who are on fire with love for the Church and desire so much to follow our bishop and our pope in proclaiming the truth, boldly. the newly ordained did not preach the homily, which i had hoped he would (i don't know, maybe that's tradition to have somebody else do it), but to here him speak the words of consecration and see him elevate the Sacred Host with the greatest joy was something i will carry with me for quite some time. it has been wonderful to see his journey from being one of the lay faithful at the parish to becoming a priest. if you have a minute, say a prayer for fr. mark and his priesthood. may the Lord bless him now to be a priest who lays down his life to preach the truth at all costs and may Our Blessed Mother draw him close.


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