Sunday, June 01, 2008

However Did You Get Here?

well, i could tell you about our parish picnic we had today where this guy contorted himself through a toilet seat and swallowed a balloon (it was actually hilarious...job well done jonathan!) or i could tell you about my daughter's first piano recital. but, since i left my house today at 10:30 am and returned home at 9:00 pm. just living that was quite enough i'm not going to rehash. anywho, one of my favorite blogs to frequent is boomama. i find her humor oh so appealing and a look to her page always guarantees some sort of chortle or guffaw...or maybe both. but anyway, one of the things i love to read on her page is the things people searched for that lead them to her page. so, i figured...hey, i can do that, and maybe my 3.76 readers will also chortle or guffaw...or quite possible just roll their eyes and shrug. mine of course is not that extensive because really, do people search for the bizarre things of which i write? i'm thinking not. but here, for your unbridled enjoyment is "just how did they get here?"

#1. "why are there gloves for st. gianna" - well, because she was human and her hands got cold too. ok, seriously, i'm in love with st. i've divulged before. as Catholics we revere these things that belonged to canonized saints because they are a physical reminder of their holiness. as Catholics we are people of "stuff." not just any stuff mind you, but of the stuff that directs our thoughts to what is higher and those things (like our sacraments for instance) that tangibly show us on the outside what is going on in the inside. take for example baptism. on the external we see water and what does water cleanses. this is the external that points to the internal of our souls being cleansed from all sin. a little off the original topic...but intertwined none the less.

#2. "owl vomit" - wow, not so theologically based in the slightest. i guess all i can say is, when you pick apart owl vomit with your kid and make models out of what you find, and then you blog it...well you've just go to expect this.

#3. "we choose homeschool" - cool. so do i. can we meet up some time? it's always nice to have friends.

#4. "miniature lilac trees" - and since my post told you absolutely nothing about where to acquire one or how to properly take care of it, i hope your's is doing as well as mine is. i'm happy to report also that it is still has not been mowed down. ;)

#5. "miniature lilac bush" - wow, now i'm really sorry mine didn't contain any usable information.

#6. "cute homemade stocking" - well, i'm not sure mine fulfills the "cute" parameter, but it surely was homemade. and i'm sure all the poorly sewn seems and random threads showed it.

well, there you have it. that's how some people have found this crazy little piece o' me in the blogosphere. maybe we should say a prayer for them, offer a few masses...a novena. who knows what irreparable damage i may have caused. and whomever the people are who have visited lately from canada, portugal, spain and egypt...i cannot explain to you the giddy, euphoric state this puts me in. i do hope you'll come back. unless you were the ones looking for miniature lilac bushes...and in that case we know those fish won't be biting again.


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