Friday, June 20, 2008

Update On Baby Cate

for those of you who might not be following the blog, things did not go well this morning. please intensify your prayers, offer sacrifices, proclaim a fast, whatever you can do. also, a fund has been set up in her name to help with mounting medical bills and expenses. here is how you can donate:

"You can go to ANY bank and have funds wired to the CHASE account. You will need to let your bank know that funds need to be wired to:

Bank: Chase Bank
Bank Routing Number: 111000614
Account Name: Catherine Cantrell
Account Number: 2910552567

If you currently bank with chase you can walk in to any Chase Bank and fill out a deposit slip with their account name and number and it will be deposited on the spot. Or you can do it online at

Thank you!! Please contact me with any questions or call chase bank at: 1-888-MYCHASE



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