Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two Of My Favorite Things

hey, if oprah can do it...i can too. but don't expect to go home with them.

#1.my pampered chef food chopper - i already liked it for chopping up a multitude of things from veggies, to chocolate, to stuff for breading but today my interpeeps, i found a new use for it that i am absolutely overjoyed to announce......it chops up fruit for jam in a lovely manner. i started to make jam yesterday from these lovely berries......from our very own patch and i realized that my potato masher must have been an unknown casualty in the move because it is nowhere to be found. so, i tried a fork. that was definitely not working. how about a bigger cooking fork? nope. and then i thought i would try the chopper. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! it even juiced them slightly and i could do it all in the one bowl without strawberry juice flying all over and staining everything. with fresh fruit season here in full swing i am thinking of tons of other things i can do with this now.

#2. the small cookie scoop i picked up at target on an after christmas clearance for about 49 cents (and let me tell you, that price makes the triumph even better). now that i have one of these, i really don't know why i ever made chocolate chip cookies without one. but today, i am happy to report that i used it to make homemade meatballs.and let me tell you that the lack of the squishy meatiness between my fingers almost brought a tear to my eye. aren't they lovely?

so there you have it. my little tidbit for the day.


Blogger Ellen said...

We share some favorite kitchen tools - I have the PC chopper and love it too and I have two of the small scoops - I use them for cookies, meatballs, even scooping melons.

9:22 PM


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