Monday, June 16, 2008

Menu Monday

woohoo, two posts in one day? yep, i know. i have actually been telling myself that i was going to post this every monday but well...that was about two months ago. so, here you go. it's the first installment of menu monday that is actually occuring on a monday. will wonders never cease! this is actually all about accountability. you see, without a menu plan, i fall apart. so, if i promise the imaginary tens of thousands of readers that there will be a menu for the entire week here on monday...then maybe it will happen. ;) so, without further ado...the menu. oh, and if you see something you like, you can e-mail me or leave a comment for the recipe.

sun. (wow, it's even a freebie for a day that already happened, how can you beat that?)
- beef kabobs - these are a favorite of mine. they involve beef, red pepper,
focaccia bread and olive oil. how can you go wrong?

mon. - french toast and sausage - tonight we will have french toast with some packaged
turkey sausage links. i will also be using the extra two loaves of bread i
bought to continue on a french toast making frenzy that i'll freeze and use for quick breakfasts during the week.

tues. - veggie beef soup w/goldfish, garlic bread and homemade applesauce - this is another favorite around here. you use those birds eye frozen veggies and pasta with the garlic butter in this one. it's easy and really yummy. we like to put the little goldfish crackers on top of ours.

wed. - this is my little man's birthday so dinner is his choice. he has picked pizza, doritos and lemonade.

thurs. - turkey burgers on the grill, red potato packets and fruit.

fri. - spaghetti, carrots, salad and bread (can't get much easier than that)

sat. - homemade chicken nuggets - saturday is usually homemade pizza at our house (i instituted this a few years ago to give myself one day off from menu planning) but this week we have to do something a bit quicker because we are attending the priestly ordination of a wonderful friend of ours from college. these nuggets are some that i made in a day of frantic nugget prep about a month ago.

sun. - grilled chicken salads (with all the fixins of course...leaf lettuce, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, oh i could go on and on...but no dressing)

well, i guess that's about it for the menu. have a great week!


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