Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Installment Of (Drumroll Please)

how did they get here? i know. you're riveted to the screen.

search #1 - bernadette farrell - here we go again. poor people who are surfing the net looking for some really contrite little number about feeling the Spirit of God so they can accompany their liturgical dancers on the altar next week and then shazam...they find me railing on her...and haugen and haas. well, i guess i crushed that dream.

search #2 - tiny jumping bugs in pool - yes, the tiny jumping bugs are still i have a pool? someone would like to build me one i'm sure the bugs would love to live there too.

search #3 - tiny jumping insects in the kitchen - as a matter of fact, they are. but like i said, i'm sure they would prefer a pool.

search #4 - saint gianna's glove - you can visit it near phillie at the church of the nativity i believe it's called. i'm a big, big fan. i highly recommend it. and while you're out this way you can stop at the shrines of st. katherine drexel, padre pio, st. john neumann and our lady of the miraculous medal to name a few.

search #5 - layne bryant outlet aurora farms - have i shopped at the layne bryant outlet? i shop anything but their deep discount racks? i have any clue where aurora farms is? odds are, i'm probably not going to be much help on this one.

search #6 - kids pee on the floor - aah, this has to be my favorite one. it just goes to show you, if my blog comes up in the top twenty searches for this...we are talking high brow comedy here. allow me to go rustle up daisy mae and cletus and head us down to the ceeeement pond fo' a day o' swimmin'.

have a great day everybody...and remember to pray for baby cate...this morning is a big one. may God grant her healing and strengthen her family in His love and mercy.


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