Monday, June 30, 2008

Simply Monday - June 30th

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outside my is dark, the crickets are singing and there is a light breeze.

i am thinking...that i am disgusted with the kodak company, their rudeness and their lack of customer service. it's a long story, the saga of my printer...and i'm fed up.

i am thankful for...a husband that calls kodak for the 86th time when i just can't anymore.

from the kitchen...tonight we had a great dinner (i'm a late poster today) of oven baked turkey breast, carrots, mashed potatoes and rolls. the best part is that everything but the turkey breast came all ready to go from a good friend. :) thanks patty!

i am creating...a mess while i try and pack away last years school stuff and get this years stuff out of shipping boxes.

i am take care of this printer problem on my own, cause kodak surely isn't interested in helping me.

i am wearing...jeans and a blue striped shirt with a white tank insert

i am reading...anything that has to do with the liturgy that i can get my hands on.

i am hoping...that things fall into place. that has seemed to be my "mantra," for the lack of a better word, lately. there are things in a few different areas of my life that are completely out of my control and i just have to trust Him that they will fall into place the way they are supposed to.

i am hearing...the ceiling fan and the nightly news.

around the house...there is clutter that needs to be tackled and a little eight year old girl that needs to be given an ultimatum on keeping her room in an acceptable manner.

one of my favorite a field full of fireflies.

a few plans for the rest of the week...get this place cleaned from top to bottom so i can enjoy two cookouts this weekend and then be ready for my mother's visit.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you...


Anonymous Ron Baird said...

Greetings Volpecircus,

I was wandering around the web and ran across your post about your printer. I am sad to learn of your experience as that is not the Kodak way.

It is hard to be direct, however, as I do not know your name or the details of your experience nor what happened to your printer? If you want to share this information with me, I am glad to follow through for you.

You can write to me at

Talk to you soon,

Ron Baird - the friendly Kodak guy

11:00 AM


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