Friday, June 27, 2008

Looking Out My Window

i did some sprucing up of my kitchen window yesterday so i thought i would post a few pictures.first we have the veggie tales clock that i am too chicken to try and mount in the wall. people are often surprised to learn that my husband and i asked for this for a wedding gift and that it doesn't belong to one of the kids. also with the veggies you will find st. joseph. this statue is the one we placed in our window when we were praying our novena to sell our old house and move into this one. so, he stays in our kitchen window of our new house where we see him frequently and remember to thank him for petitioning our Heavenly Father for the blessing of this home.this center section of the window is where i did the major sprucing. this section used to be occupied by a larger, fern-esque potted plant. it just wasn't doing well for some reason in the window, as was evidenced by half of its leaves dying. so, i gave it a trim and relocated it to the back of the toilet in the half bath. we'll see if it likes the ambiance in there better. i bought these gerber daisies at the craft store awhile back thinking they would look perfect in these decorator coca cola bottles i had saved. i just lover gerber daisies. they are so bright and cheery.and over here we see the sea monkeys in their "underwater metropolis" and the little gray cat that my kids insist "has to watch the sea monkeys." ok, whatever, i'm not going to fight it. :) also in the window is my favorite counter top cleaner. it'm method. i just love the scent and it makes cleaning just a bit cheerier. also, a new addition to the window is the lovely Mary holy card. we received this at our friend's ordination this past weekend and put it in the window as a reminder to pray for him daily.

well, that's my window. i'd love to see yours. if you show us pictures of your window put a link in the comments here. have a lovely day! we are off to the library. :)


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