Monday, July 07, 2008

Simply Monday - July 7th

outside my window - there is a lovely blue sky and a slight breeze, although the humidity is rather stifling.

i am thinking - that my mom will be here for a visit in about two hours...and maybe i can get some sewing done while she is here. :)

i am thankful for - friends and a husband that support me and say just the right thing just when i need to hear it because i feel like giving up.

from the kitchen - there's not much happening. we have been grilling alot but i just think it's amazing when on nights when our entire dinner (meat, potatoes, veggies and bread) comes right in from the grill to the table.

i am creating - some semblance of order in the basement. we boxed everything back up and moved it to the center of the room when the little buggy things invaded. my husband and i made the decision yesterday that bugs or no bugs...we were reclaiming our basement for our use (it's one of the main reasons we wanted this house) so we moved the bookshelves back where they were, got the books out of boxes and I also set my sewing area up again.

i am going - nowhere today, except maybe to the hardware store later to get some bug bags to lure the japanese beetles away from my willow bush.

i am wearing - a brown shirt and jeans, no shoes or socks. i know that flylady says always wear your shoes but in the are not my friend. i only wear them if i have to.

i am reading - "the feast of faith - approaches to a theology of the liturgy" by (then) cardinal ratzinger. i'm still in the first half but this hasn't been the page turner for me that i thought it would be. oh well, i have an important purpose for reading it and therefore...i must finish. i'm trying to make the kids take a nap or quite time (depending on their age) every day and while they do that i read, if i don't fall asleep too. :)

i am hoping - still that things fall into place. the things are many and some are rather personal but each and every one is important in it's own little way.

i am hearing - the kids reading books to each other downstairs.

around the house - organizing the basement some more, tackling the garage (yes, it needs tackled, not tagged or tended to or whatever some other nice word might be) and planting and mulching outside.

one of my favorite things - order. you'd think since it is my favorite that i would achieve it more right?

a few plans for the rest of the week - a couple of small sewing projects and cleaning the bathrooms (from top to bottom).

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - (where does the time go?)

have a great day and make sure to head over to peggy's to find links to all of today's other participants.


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