Saturday, July 19, 2008

random randomness

i am pleased to report that the garage sale went rather well, even though we forgot to advertise much. we'll be storing our stuff in our friends garage for a few weeks and trying it again with the gusto of a newspaper ad, etc. this will also give me more time to clean the house some more and find even more stuff that i think we should part with. :) my husband always jokes that there isn't anything left to get rid of...and then i find more. i just really have a penchant for pitching things. it's my free therapy. i haven't been posting much lately (as of course you can tell). we still have company (my mom is visiting) and i've had some pressing things on my mind. in talking to a friend about a few things she told me that the best advice her mom gave her a year or so ago was that the 30's are hard. alot of things change, your family is very demanding, growing and always changing and that you are still trying to find your way as an adult. no longer are you a twenty something with a few kids and just a little bit of your freedom intact. i was glad to hear that out of somebody else's mouth and know it's not just me struggling. it's not to say things are bleak here...because they truly aren't. i don't want you to get that idea. i just don't deal well with change and uncertainty and so far, those have been the hallmarks of the past few years. oh well, time passes, seasons change and our God is always with us.


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