Monday, July 14, 2008

Simply Monday - July 14th

outside my window - it is overcast, a bit cooler than the past few days and pretty quiet except for the rumble of construction trucks and machinery at the houses they are building out back.

i am thinking - about a few funny stories about my kids i found written down in the back of an old notebook. i write things down at random times...and unfortunately in random places so that i don't forget about them completely...that is if i find where i wrote them. :)

i am thankful for - the fact that i didn't eat the bug i found in the chinese take-out last night. having it on my fork was quite enough thank you...but at least it was still completely there...right?

from the kitchen - your typical cold cereal and toast this morning.

i am creating - some organized chaos in the basement as i go through some more boxes, get rid of alot and put some stuff on the shelves. we are also creating a swingset in our backyard. ok, i should say that my mom is and we are just holding and moving stuff when it is needed. i'll take some pictures of the kids playing when it's done.

i am going - to the grocery store to get some oj (we are still living off of the free coupons), possibly the consignment store to look for some books and then back home to clean before our mentor couple comes tonight.

i am wearing - denim capris and a red "jets, chicago" t-shirt. i doing laundry this morning so it's slim pickins.

i am reading - "The Story of Desperaux" to see if it's appropriate for my eight year old, and because i only have it for another week from the library.

i am hoping - that all goes well for my husband at the doctor this week.

i am hearing - the washing machine tumble and some scuffling of "hopefully" cleaning downstairs.

around the house - the swingset is coming together in the backyard and we are slowly getting through the garage and the basement for the garage sale.

one of my favorite things - is when my kids are healthy. the littlest one has had a fever and a nasty cough since last thursday. the fever seems to be gone now but the cough remains and she is in such a foul mood. i always teeter between whether it's just a cold or something or whether i should run them in to the doctor to get it checked out.

a few plans for the rest of the week - garage sale, garage sale, garage sale. we are having a garage sale at a friends house this saturday and i have so much that i would like to sell, because i want it out of here and frankly, we could use the extra bucks.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -

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Anonymous Shani said...

Good Morning, Heather!

I had to snort in empathy at the bug-in-the-food thing, as this *just* happened to me last week! I found a fully intact ladybug in my salad that hubby had made. Ugh. Enough to put me off the rest of the salad, which was mostly gone at that point. You'd think I could get over the 'ewww' factor of being a girl at some point, but it's not likely. lol

Have a lovely week, and good luck with your garage sale! I have soooo many things to sell/get rid of, but I hate all the work involved in setting up a sale, so we've just been giving it all away. I just need it out of my house! LOL

God Bless,

7:41 AM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

Tale of Despereaux...great book for kids! Bug in food...gross moment for you! Good luck with your garage sale!

9:03 AM


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