Wednesday, July 09, 2008


last night we had our monthly time of adoration and praise and worship at our parish. it is always a wonderful night to spend with Our Lord. sometimes however, it gets a little discouraging because at times it has been those of us who make the music and one of our priests that show up. but last night we had to bring in more chairs. tons (ok, probably about 25 or 30) of people came to see Jesus. it was so beautiful to see a room full of people on their knees worshiping Him, the King of Kings. it was just as equally beautiful to see a line, yes i said a line, of people going to confession for the entire time. wow. what an awesome God we have! one that will come to a tiny chapel in southeastern pennsylvania just to sit with us. a God that is waiting in all the tabernacles of the entire world, just so we can be with Him. He waits for us to come visit Him, to talk with Him, to thank Him, to receive Him, to adore Him. my prayer today is that He may be praised and adored in all the tabernacles of the world. that by turning to Him we may have our hearts and minds conformed more to His so that we may long and hunger for the truth that only He can give. that our eyes may be opened to the beauty that is His Church, that is the mass, that is the sacraments, that is our faith. that we may long to go deeper in the faith that is unchanging and unfailing. that we may see the beauty of thousands of years of tradition and know that through the ancient rituals our modern lives are fed and made whole. and know it is only through Him that we will have the true peace in our hearts, in our minds and in our lives that we all long for. by allowing Him to show us how we can empty ourselves of ourselves, of our selfish desires, of our fear, of our pride and be filled with Him to lay down our lives for others without counting the cost. i once read that a day without an unselfish deed done for another, without grumbling, complaining or counting the cost, is wasted. i try to make this my goal every day. i don't want to waste a single day. who knows how many we may have left. through various events lately that has become abundantly clear to me. let us today make time to see Him, to worship Him and to ask Him to fill and guide us.


Blogger Xia said...

It was an amazing evening and filled with the Holy Spirit. What an honor to sing for Him and with you :-)

9:03 AM

Anonymous amy said...

that was beautiful! Yes, an awsome night!

4:54 AM


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