Saturday, July 26, 2008

So Long Until We Meet Again

about a year ago we met a wonderful Catholic young lady from indonesia who was working here through a work sponsorship. unfortunately, very soon after we met her, the company she had been working for experienced cut backs and she was one of those cut backs. try as she might, she could not find another employer who participated in sponsorship (despite her ba in engineering and mba), but she did find love. (you can say "aaaaaaw" now, or just wait) her, now fiance, is a good friend of ours who has had some...well...let's just say unfortunate circumstances in the relationship department. watching their relationship begin and grow has been so cute and such a joy. you just can't help being magically whisked back in time when just the sight of the back of your love's head sent chills up your spine and a nervous sweat across your brow. if your reading honey, it's not to say i love you any less today than over ten years ago. my nerves just were a bit more crisp then. you know. oh, back to the rest of you who aren't my darling husband. anyway, this young woman has to return to her home country tomorrow. please pray with us that she may be able to come back to marry her fiance and start a new life here to build a terrific Catholic family. it's so beautiful to listen to them dream about their future and how they are so much looking forward to being parents. here's a picture of the happy couple with our littlest munchkin......aren't they cute? anyway, vivi, we have loved every minute of getting to know you. we pray for your safe travels back to your family and we will pray fervently that we will see you again...sooner than later. God's peace be with you and Our Mother Mary hold you in her care.


Anonymous amy said...

Oh wow! When did they get engaged!!?
I will be praying...

3:35 AM

Blogger simplysewn said...

I haven't seen Vivi since the prayer group broke up. How wonderful about love and sad about leaving. God will make it happen.

4:21 AM


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