Friday, August 08, 2008

Wowee Zowee!

as for the lack of posting has been a busy one here folks. (not as busy as it has been over here, but busy enough for us.) practices, meetings, performances and lots of etc. please don't get me wrong, i love the stuff i have been tending to...i'm just exhausted. the late nights and early mornings have been doing me in. i actually laid in bed this morning trying to reason with my husband about why i didn't have to get out of bed. through all of my inconceivable slurred logic, he some how managed to win and i eventually got up. tonight, (drumroll please) i don't have anything that pulls me away from the house. not one iota. so, i will finally be tending to one very special project that i have been planning out in my head for a few weeks now. maybe more on that project later.

anyway, so as to put myself in direct running with this lovely lady for the most gorgeous picture of a rainbow posted to a blog for the calendar year of 2008, i give you...our rainbow.ain't she a beauty? oh, but don't use up all your "ooohs" and "aaahs" just yet. take a look at this.we thought it was the coolest because you could actually see the entire thing, both ends and the middle. usually you see one end, and maybe the other too, but rarely have i seen the middle. we tried to get it all in one picture but as you can see, our lens just wasn't wide enough. this beauty of a rainbow was caused by some of the freakish weather we have been having at our place lately. for example, during the storm that produced this rainbow there were torrential rains in our front yard, we are talking like noah and the flood, but it wasn't raining in the back yard at all. i guess that's what they mean by "scattered showers."

have a relaxing and wonderful day everyone. we are off to piano lessons and then maybe a few errands before we come back to the house for...yippee...naps!


Blogger Alice Gunther said...

It's a Festival of Volpe Rainbows!


8:43 AM

Anonymous Chris Volpe said...

OK... but have you ever seen a double rainbow??? Love the picture!

1:54 PM


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