Wednesday, August 20, 2008


in my efforts to keep anything in our family dinners from coming "straight out the bag" (or box as the case may be), i have been making alot of homemade fries...and they have been turning out surprisingly well. so, i thought i would share the recipe (if you can even call it that) with y'all. accompanied by some lovely kitchen, food preparatory pics, nonetheless.

first, wash your potatoes (my family prefers red) and then slice them kind of thin, in the steak fry type shape, like in this spectacular picture.and oh, i'm quite the kidder aren't i. because truth be told, it's not that great of a picture of the sliced potatoes really. it is however a great shot of the handle of my pampered chef knife that i got last year and it is the pride of my kitchen. it's the first knife i have had in our almost ten years of marriage that actually cuts for someone without hulking biceps. i don't believe the butcher knife i had prior to this one actually "cut" anything. the meat just ended up in separate pieces because i had to push down so hard that it just kind of "popped" apart. but anyway, back to the fries. then you spray a cookie sheet with butter baking spray, lay out the pieces of potato (they can be touching at the ends, but not overlapping...unless you don't care if they get crunchy) and spray them "lightly" (this is the part i have a problem with) with the butter cooking spray. after that, sprinkle them "lightly" (there's that word again) with lawry's season salt. i cannot stress the lawry's enough. it is obviously tasty, but this is the only brand to my knowledge that does not contain msg, and who really wants that in their food. so, when you are checking out the spices at the grocery store, spend the extra buck or so to get the name brand and not get the crazy chemicals. in the end, (prebaking that is) your fries should look like this.ok, actually, they should have about one half this amount of seasoning on them. i went a little crazy on this batch and they were a wee bit too salty. i had to sing at church that evening and in the span of a half hour i had emptied an entire liter water bottle and really wanted to just leave the place where i stood and get a refill...but i couldn't. so take it easy on the spice people. and for the final hurrah, they need to go into a 350 oven for about twenty to thirty minutes depending on your oven and how crunchy and brown you want them. i have found that if you leave them for the full thirty that some on the edge turn into potato chips. my kids think that is plain magic. hope you enjoy the recipe. i'm off to tidy and do some laundry. have a great day!


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