Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Newest Seamstress

we won! ok, i actually entered, and technically won, but she's the one that gets all the goods. thanks to beth over at simply sewn, we are the proud winners of her big box giveaway. my daughter has already started making plans for some of the fabric. for some of the pieces, her plans are a little lofty however. take for example the approximate half yard piece that she declared "would be great for a dress" and "i'm sure there's enough there." guess i should teach her something about yardage first. :) we will be starting "sewing with st. anne" by alice cantrell in a few weeks. this is such a lovely book and a wonderful way to begin teaching your little seamstress. it has great pictures and guides step by step. so this is where the box comes into play. i won't have to try and ration out pieces of my fabric...that of course is all well intentioned for every project under the sun...and of course is all going to be completed lickety-split. and, i also won't have to buy fabric for her to practice on. this is the key. she will have her own little box that she won't have to ask me about using and she can sew to her heart's content. there are some really gorgeous fabrics in here, like this one...
and dd was really partial to the cowboy and alien prints. her plan is to make pjs for her five year old brother...with the small squares of them...there goes that yardage again.


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