Monday, August 11, 2008

Simply Monday - August 11th

outside my window - it is rather overcast and it doesn't seem like the sun is quite ready to wake up for the day. it leaves me wondering whether we are going to be getting more of the freak storms that we had yesterday. we had a bit of hail and the whole nine yards. let me check the weather...yep, mostly cloudy, scattered rain and a possible thunderstorm.

i am thinking - that i need to get my hind quarters in gear and do some beading. a good friend of mine has asked if i would like to join in on a table with her for a local festival. i will be attempting to sell my handmade rosaries and other jewelry. it's always a toss up how that will go. it usually just depends on how many catholics happen by. i actually had a lady one time that was going to purchase one as a necklace and then she stopped and said "these aren't those catholic rosaries are they?" i said "yes" with a beaming look of pride and she quickly responded "oh, i don't want any of those then" and walked away. but i digress.

i am thankful for - a long talk on the telephone with one of my best friends in the world who is also the godmother of our oldest daughter. she is pregnant (almost 2 months) and is suffering from hyperemesis, which from my understanding is very severe morning sickness. she has already been to the hospital once and is hoping to avoid any other stays. she has a doctor's appt this morning. please say a prayer for her.

from the kitchen - there needs to be some strawberry muffins coming out of there for a little play day shindig we are hoping to attend tomorrow but as of yet...nothin'.

i am wearing - aqua t-shirt and jeans. nothing too exciting or snappy but at least i didn't have to register that i was again wearing a brown shirt.

i am reading - i haven't picked up anything new per se. i have been reading through tons of school books frantically trying to get some sort of schedule in line for the year.

i am hoping - that the rain...which has now started pouring down...subsides quickly so that the tribe can go outside to play.

i am hearing - the tribe fighting downstairs (see the response directly above to "i am hoping")

around the house - those pesky bathrooms still need to be cleaned. no, they are not disgusting. i do a peripheral clean frequently but they just need some of that tlc that only a true deep cleaning can do.

one of my favorite things - is having a day where we have no commitments at all. it's rare though.

a few plans for the rest of the week - bead like the wind...and practice some music for the upcoming Feast of the Assumption.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -this is really putting me and my freakishness out there for all to see. the other night when we were having homemade chicken nuggets for dinner i made this happy little face on my plate completely by accident. i thought it was the coolest thing so i had to take a picture. doesn't he just make you smile?

i'm having trouble finding the entry for today's day book over at peggy's, but stop one over to check out her great stuff and the links from last week. :)


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