Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Beautiful Baby...And Her Bugs

my dainty, pretty as a picture little 2 1/2 year old (i have to tell you that she is 2 1/2, because if i tell anyone she is 2, she is the first to correct me) is in love with bugs. and not just any bugs...huge bugs. and she's even happier if the bugs in question are dead...because she plays with them like action figures.they have names, she dances them around on our deck (because i'm not thinking that they are the proper indoor type of toy, although she does bring them in off the porch...into my kitchen...when it rains) and they have their own little stories that she acts out. right now she has three japanese beetles, two other large beetles and a cicada.i'm not the squeamish type. i entered a bug collection in the 4H fair when i was younger. so, i think it's rather cool that she's not afraid in the slightest of these rather large insects. i did however think of drawing this habit of hers to a close when she ripped off one of the beetles legs and told me to go get the glue.


Anonymous amy said...

she is absolutely cute as can be


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