Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm Exhausted

after the past few days we have had, i'm not even ashamed to tell you that i stayed in bed past nine this morning. yesterday we finished up our three day surprise marathon and headed down to baltimore.

we started off at the maryland science center.their feature exhibit was body worlds 2. i thought that it looked interesting but the kids made us promise that they wouldn't have to see "that yucky stuff" so we stuck to the rest of the museum.

we made electronic harp music through the use of lasers...dressed up as various creatures...
drove imaginary boats (don't forget your life vest!)...caught stuffed fish...and found the giant blue crab...

then it was off to our final super top secret destination. medieval times!the kids thought it was kind of strange that the castle was part of a gigantic mall (ok, i thought that was a little odd too) but nonetheless they were very excited to be there.

our section was rooting for the black and white knight...although i am sorry to say he was the first to be wounded in battle and carried off out of the arena.

thankfully he was well enough by the end of the dinner to offer autographs on a grateful little boys shield (yes, he is my little boy. he wouldn't let the knights sign on the front of his shield. he instructed them that they were only to write on the back. so, in case you were wondering...being a very particular perfectionist definitely travels in your genes.)

and my little her picture taken with the princess of the castle.

my other little princess didn't make it that long...


Anonymous amy said...

what a wonderful week!!

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