Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Had A Super Fun Day...

at hersheypark! we were originally going to go here but since we were able to get tickets for the whole family for about one third of the gate price and hersheypark is only about twenty minutes away and knoebels is almost two hours...the sweetest place on earth won. and, we managed to keep it a surprise from the kids. they were so excited when we pulled up. we had a terrific time and i just have to say...i have the best family on the face of the earth. it was like a dream with the lack of complaining and whining that went on. my little man even walked the entire day. that is saying alot for him considering he usually complains that he is tired of walking after five minutes at the mall. we are rarely able to do something for them that rates so high on the cool-meter so i think they were just really grateful and excited to be there. by the way, didn't i mention that i have a great family?

we started off our day at the park here. not because we were hot, but because we figured that the kids were the least likely to get completely freezing at high noon. it was a bit brisk however and after awhile we were all soaked and freezing. they did last long enough for my oldest and i to go on this waterslide. it was crazy. we sat together on a round floatie with handles (and was i ever glad they were there), then the guy at the top spun us around a few times and gave us this gigantic push into the tunnel. we picked up some speed in the tunnel for a few seconds and then flew out of the tunnel into the big funnel. in the funnel you fly up and down the walls until you get to the opening of the funnel into the pool. upon exiting the funnel our raft almost flipped since i was on the side of the raft that was first to exit and i obviously weigh quite a bit more than my eight year old. but thankfully we did flip completely and i was able to hop off into the pool. and then my little girl got stuck in the opening of the floatie. she was wearing a life vest and couldn't go up or down. i, unfortunately, was laughing too hard to get her out so the lifeguard had to come over and pull her out. i'm sure he was thinking some interesting things about us by that time. but anyway, then we got changed and hit the rest of the park.

the kids really enjoyed themselves and we even ran into a few members of michele's family (hey guys, the kids want to say "thank you" for the fries, they really hit the spot). well, i should go and get ready for the day. we have another surprise planned for today...but that will need to wait. (what kind of mom would i be if i let the general populous in on it before my kids?!? :) ). see ya later!


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