Monday, September 01, 2008

Simply Monday, September 1st

outside my window - it's nice, clear, sunny and not too hot. that's my kind of day.

i am thinking - i have a splitting headache. i just took a nap (i'm really late posting this today) but it didn't help.

from the learning rooms - we won't start for real until next monday, but i have been busy trying to put together the ends of the lesson plans and trying to finish up some random science lessons left over from last year. i'm a stickler for order like that and need the other stuff finished before i can feel completely free to begin the new stuff.

i am thankful for - having our whole family together for the past week to do some really cool stuff and for the visitors from new york that came for overnight on sunday.

from the kitchen - right now i am trying to figure out even what we are having for dinner. the two week menu plan ended on saturday night and i need to make a new one...i hate flying by the seat of my pants because it never pans out well in this arena.

i am wearing - a green t-shirt and jeans. nothing too exciting...or fashion conscious.

i am reading - miscellaneous third grade texts trying to figure out how i would like to fit them in amongst teaching a five year old to read and keeping a two and a half year old from burning the place down or escaping.

i am hoping - to finish up the planning for this year so that we can start really fresh next week.

i am creating - still my super secret project that i will be hopefully gifting some of my friends with soon...and i know i'm making this sound much cooler than it actually is. :)

i am hearing - they might be giants "here come the a,b,c's." my two littlest kids absolutely adore it.

around the house - we have accomplished much in the cleaning and straightening department in the past fews days which i am very grateful for considering my dh unfortunately resumes work tomorrow.

one of my favorite things - has been having the whole family together this past week with no interruptions...but it has been much too short. i am already pining for the large chunk of time dh took off for christmas.

a few plans for the rest of the week - band rehearsal for me and dance for dd and other than that a pretty quite week gearing up for next week when all the activities start up.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -of course some vacation days double as school days!

make sure to mosey on over to peggy's for the other day book entries.


Blogger kadezmom said...

I'm beginning to wonder if all the headaches are due to the changing weather? HOpe yours is gone by now.

Great pic!

Ya know, it doesn't matter what the super secret project's still going to be fun to find out what it is. The suspense is worth it.

Have a great week!

9:36 PM


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