Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wonder Of Wonders, Miracle Of Miracles...

...sonic opened up right down the block...we went there for training, oh, it was tonight, and everything was all half price.

vs. 2 - we fed our fam-ily for thirteen bucks, yes thirteen bucks. and it was real ta-as-tee. then the dessert, it wa-as a lit-tle late, so it wa-as on the house.

ok, i'll lay off. but seriously, you liked the song, right? that's what we do around our house. make up songs. it's creepy and you know that you do it too much when your kids start naturally at about the age of two.

anywho, we have been watching them build a sonic drive-in at the front of our development for a few months now. watching...with baited breath. you see, i became addicted (wow, my posts today are all about addictions, huh?) to sonic when i was teaching for the summer in kansas. one of the teens in the program would faithfully bring all of us a large cherry limeade everyday at 3pm. God bless you val! and then, my husband became addicted when we lived near new orleans. i told him that the only thing that would calm my heartburn when i was pregnant with our oldest was a vanilla milk shake from sonic. so we would stop there after each of our prenatal classes. and then, we moved back to illinois and the landscape was bleak. no sonics as far as the eye could see. but there was steak n' shake (another addiction), but i digress. then there was the move to pennsylvania. another land without sonic...and without steak n' shake. but behold! about two years ago they built a sonic about 25 minutes north of our old house, so we would trek up there every once and awhile. and then they opened one just east of our old house...but we moved west...farther away from all the sonics. and then...the sign...the building...the car stalls...within walking distance of our house. so tonight my husband arrived home from work and announced that the sign said it was training night from five to seven thirty. and only creepy sonic stalkers like us know that training night equals fifty percent off of your food! we summoned the troops, called some friends (who are also fellow sonic lovers) that met us there and headed off to sonic. dinner was so was only thirteen bucks for the whole family of five...and they gave us dessert free because it took longer to get out than they thought it should you can tell from the photos (which i apologize for the quality of...they were taken with my phone), the kids were just as happy as we were to be there. i think this sonic sized addiction is hereditary. ;)


Blogger Kelly said...

Looks like you guys had fun!!! Glad you were able to get a great deal on food you like. We have never eaten at Sonic.

5:09 PM


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