Wednesday, September 10, 2008 three...

aka...the two year old crayon tagger strikes again. yup, my little graffiti artist is at it again with her favorite medium that goes by the code name of "crayola." but of course, what does a delicate flower such as herself have to do while her mother avails herself of the facilities in between helping someone through pages of third grade math? that's right. streak off to the upstairs wielding a green crayon that just somehow made large (i mean the size of montana large) circles continuing all the way up the wall leading to the second floor. i'm frankly not even sure how she reached as high up as she did. i guess a flight of stairs can work wonders for leverage. one things for sure...she's got a grand start on those cursive "o's." did i take a picture? heck, no. i was just trying to compose myself before i tracked down the beautiful little peach blossom and gave her the what-for. i am pleased to report that with a prayer uttered beforehand it did come off the wall with one of those magic eraser things...without taking this lovely contractor's grade paint that would double as a nice primer right off the wall. so of course, when i calmed down and approached my spirited little one she informed me, "i am very sorry and you forgive me." she was right, i did. but that still didn't stop me from hiding everything and anything in this house that is used to draw a line.


Blogger Ellen said...

Oh dear, don't be fooled by the builder's paint - it doesn't even count as primer. Take it from somone who has owned three brand new houses, when you paint, plan on two coats because the first coat will actually be like a primer coat. The builder's water down paint and spray it on the walls and it is so thin that the first coat of paint you put on the walls will dry as fast as you put it on as it will get sucked into the wall as you apply it. Good luck!

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