Saturday, September 27, 2008

Check This Out!

a friend of mine sent me a link to this video and it is absolutely beautiful. please go check it out. they have hit the nail on the head focusing on the fact that until we, as a nation, get the sanctity of life right, we can never expect all the other stuff we care about to fall in place. in one of the comments below the video someone says the following:

I am so grateful for you, my Catholics friends!

That was a beautiful and moving ad. I hope that you are right and this ad will prick the conscience of those who are not quite as faithful but still believe. I hope they will be motivated to vote on family issues.

Besides the Right to Life, protecting Traditional Marriage is on the ballot in California and Arizona and maybe other states as well. You Catholics have strength and power in your numbers. Those of us without those numbers are depending on you!

let those of us who are catholic stand up and show the world what we believe and profess as a church. let us live our lives in a way that professes the truth and guards all human life. let us be the driving force we should be that all Christians can stand behind and know that we will fight until the end for what is holy, what is moral and what is true.


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