Saturday, September 27, 2008

Boy, Am I Beat.

from the way i feel you'd never guess that i spent the last six hours sitting on my living room floor. and of course right now is your cue to ask "why?" so go ahead, i'll wait. oh, thank you so much for your inquiry. you see, today was the first day that we have all been home with nothing to do for quite some time so i deemed today "seasonal clothing switch day." i really loathe doing this (and it certainly didn't help that it was more humid out today than early august in the wasn't really warm or anything, just so wet that you could feel it...all over the place). so, we started about one in the afternoon by pulling out all the bins that i had packed away in the spring labeled "fall '08" and made each of the kids try on every blasted piece. they were so excited about this and so cooperative. i just can't say quite enough about how (un) cooperative they were. at one point in time, my five year old little boy was running around the living room (in front of the open window) in his camo boxer briefs, flapping his arms like a chicken and yelling "i'm hot, i'm hot, i'm itchy, i'm itchy." you would have to know him personally to get the completely accurate picture of this. let's just say, he overreacts a tad. we've tried to find some sort of condition which would put a thumb on his behavioral tics and all we've come up with is...he is him. not too brilliant, i know. anyway, by the end wouldn't you know it...practically nothing fit. those kids and the nerve of grow. :) anyway, i also have a consignment sale coming up next weekend so i wanted to get out all of the stuff i was going to sell too. thanks to the kids and their growing at the speed of light, i will have more clothing to sell than i thought. and consequently, more that needs to be purchased than i thought. who would think that a little boy can traverse through two entire sizes in a summer? evidently mine thought it was fun. and how about a little pipsqueak of a girl that grew quite a few inches but not a single pound (ok, she actually gained two pounds to be exact but her waistline certainly hasn't expanded). so now the clothes for consignment are in the wash. next to go are the fall clothes before they are put in the dressers. and third will be the summer clothes after they come out of the dressers and before some of them go into the bins and the others go to the donation pile. and i can see all of this being completed, oh, sometime around spring of '09...when it's time to do it all over again.


Blogger Kelly said...

Sounds like what I did this weekend....minus the boy running around in his boxers....unless you count DH LOL

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