Monday, October 13, 2008

Simple Monday - October 13th

outside my window - it is dark and still a bit brisk, but it will only stay that way for a short time. today it is supposed to be in the upper seventies. it is october, right?

i am thinking - that i am truly afraid of what is going to happen in our country if obama becomes president. there have been many times that i have not liked a presidential candidate and hated to think what would happen if and when they were elected but his extremism and total disregard for life are just appalling and frightening.

from the learning rooms - we are entering week six of school. we have made it without any big issues and we are still on schedule as we should be...except for science. that always seems to fall by the wayside. arrgh. (look at that. i started out this heading feeling good and now i'm thinking how much of a science slacker i am. :) )

i am thankful for - my husband using a personal day (hopefully, if it's approved) this coming friday. the busyness of our weekends and the earliness of our days has me totally wiped out.

from the kitchen - i will make the applesauce this week, i will make the applesauce this week...say it with me now...

i am wearing - a floor length blue chiffon gown with a high neck and diamonds...lots of diamonds. my hair is in a terrific up-do which greatly accents my elegant blue feather boa and diamond tiara...i just really wanted to say something other than the same work out clothes...oh, and while we're at it, my children are perfectly groomed and well mannered.

i am reading - so much about this election it makes me want to vomit. it's so hard to wade through everything they want you to see and think and be able to find some truth with which you can do your own thinking. i guess that's what they want to avoid...thinking.

i am hoping - that the person from the company, which we had a problem with, will finally call my husband back today and we can get a suitable solution to the problem. it involves a service person and theft from our home so the better business bureau won't touch it and i'm not one to even think about the lawyer route...we just need to be let out of our contract without penalty at the least.

i am creating - a plan to use the american girl cookbooks and craft books for a fun day or two with my oldest to reinforce what we are studying in history right now. and i got derailed, but i'm heading back to the secret project again.

i am hearing - the cat purring, crickets and my husband doing a few things around the house before the kids get up.

around the house - there is a load or two of laundry to be done but like a week's worth to fold. i have no problem getting it washed and dried. it's just the folding and putting away that alludes me. isn't that somebody else's job?

one of my favorite things - is a day when we can all take a nap. those days are much too infrequent.

a few plans for the rest of the week - some activities, some school work and much general tidying of the house for my brother in law's visit at the end of the week.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -most people would call it camel and that's that. i say, "turn it on it's side and you've got a penguin diving into icy water." and yes, this is what i do with my spare time.

don't forget to step in over at peggy's to take a gander at the other super gee golly terrific day book entries.


Anonymous Chris said...

Hi your outfit! We're having a problem with a business as well... no fun! Hope it all turns out ok.

11:10 AM

Blogger Lisa said...

You're too funny- the leaping penguin is hysterical!

5:35 PM

Blogger Chez Nous said...

I will make the applesauce this week, I will make the applesauce this week....although you'll have to change first as you don't want any applesauce on your diamonds!!

I started an American Girl Club for my daughter and three of her friends when we lived in Virginia. We were all homeschoolers so it was a fun/educational group using the American Girls to study the different eras. I have the Cook Books and Crafts Books as well and we had a wonderful time. We used the "Welcome to Felicity's (Addy's/Kit's, etc.) World" books for an overview of the era, then did some crafts and cooked up a snack from the cook book. The girls loved the activities and really learned a lot (and remembered it all, too!). You can probably find the "Welcome to...." books at the library if you don't have them. If you're missing any cookbooks or craft books, drop me an e-mail and I'll be happy to send along some ideas - I've got the whole set.

5:46 PM


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