Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feasts, Farm Shows And Utter-ly Amazing Views

well, despite my lack of posting, we have been busy little beavers around here. on tuesday we celebrated the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. i read to the children during the afternoon about this special day and then while they napped/had quiet time i baked up a little surprise. that evening (while i was out at music's for "the band" man...ha,ha) my delightful husband helped them frost the surprise i had baked. yes, it must travel with the last name to have feast days revolve around cake. ;) a big ol' hat tip, thank you and "i love you" to my husband for this one. because we all know, when you add together an eight year old, a five year old, a two year old and some never know what will happen. but there you have it. a very messy and sticky rosary (or at least a finger rosary, for the life of me i couldn't figure out what i would do with over fifty cupcakes for a full one, or where i would find all of that space to display it, crazy, yes, but i did ponder it).

on thursday we met friends of ours (who are also our neighbors) at the manheim farm show. it was family night and we were told that it was all free and there were quite a few bizarre competitions that the kids could participate in. and we were not disappointed. we missed the obstacle race, in which i'm told that one of the obstacles was jumping over the chocolate pudding "cow pie." but, we were lucky enough to witness the egg toss, the greased banana toss, the pumpkin toss (there's nothin' like grown men tossing ten pound pumpkins to each other across a baseball field) and the chicken catching contest.this is what my kids looked forward to all night long. just think twenty kids chasing after one chicken and just when you think one of them has caught it...nope, there comes the chicken between their legs and off they go again.
and just for the record. my children came nowhere near catching any of the chickens, but two of them did end up in tears. ah, childhood. they also had fun with friends...had a feeding frenzy on french fries...and one of them even ate quite alot of ketchup off of their friend's finger...other people may have stopped them. we just laughed and took pictures.

finally, today i sang at a wedding and then we ran some errands. on the way home we pulled up behind this on the interstate.we thought the view was "utterly amooosing!"


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