Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Breakfast Sandwiches...Finally!

i am happy to report that the other day i finally tackled the task of the breakfast sandwiches. here is living color is the play by play action.

first, separate and toast your english muffins. and after they have toasted, lightly butter each half. you can do however many sandwiches you would like. if you do too few, it's not really worth the trouble. if you do too many, well, you could be here all day. i made twelve this time. it was completely bearable to make but i am rather bothered i took all that time and only have twelve in my freezer to show for it. anywho. oh, and i find that the best time to make these is when the ingredients coincide with a sale at the grocery store. for some reason our store usually has english muffins and bacon buy one get one the same week. i don't know why, but i'm not complaining.

while your various muffins are toasting, go ahead and cook your bacon. i coook mine in the microwave because i'm just not into all the grease flying around off the stove. we don't fry anything around here. i don't want to mess. if you want to cook your bacon in the microwave, line a microwave safe plate with a few paper towels and then lay out the bacon in a single file line (hee, hee). Then cover it with a few more paper towels and cook in microwave on high for about four to five minutes depending on your microwave and desired crispiness. when it's done, leave the bacon sit in the microwave...the plate, and the bacon are usually very hot. oh, and when cooking your bacon you need to have one slice for each muffin.

when you have the muffins and bacon squared away you can turn your attention to the eggs. of course, eggs are better when they come straight from the chicken...such as these. but ones from the store, of course, will work just fine. once again just like the bacon, you need one egg per muffin. cook each egg individually however you wish. i whip each of mine in a small bowl and then drop it on a hot griddle so it doesn't spread too much. when it's pretty much cooked i flip it over to get the other side. and if towards the end when the griddle is really find that your smoke detector goes off. well, pull yourself up a chair and fan it with an ad from the sunday i did. and then be thankful that your smoke detectors are hard wired through your house so if one goes off, they all go off. and then accept the fact that those same lovely smoke detectors have woke up your two year old who was napping upstairs. well, at least we know they do their job.

after all of the prep work is done it is time to assemble. on a square of paper towel, open up your muffin and place your egg, bacon and a slice of cheese on it. i find that i prefer the cheese in the middle because when you heat them back up it kind of holds the sandwich together. i have tried all kinds of cheese and they work equally well. after you have the sandwich assembled, wrap it up in the paper towel and place it in a freezer baggie. i put four of mine in a gallon sized bag but you can package however you like. then, put them in the freezer.

when you want to eat them again just pull one from the bag and put it in the microwave on high for thirty seconds, flip it over, and then do another thirty seconds. voila. a hot, ready to eat breakfast sandwich.

the original idea for this recipe was found in the frozen assets cookbook. i have tweaked it a bit here and there to fit our family. i highly recommend this book if you are into putting fully prepared food in the freezer for later use. this book is where i got my recipe for the meatballs that i prepare and freeze. i don't use the entire meal plan like it is outlined in the book, just various recipes.


Blogger Love Bears All Things said...

Thanks, I wrote the basics down and will certainly make these. Honey Bear loves something he can grab as he heads out the door.
Mama Bear

6:18 AM

Blogger Kelly said...

Very cool! I have wanted to do this for a while now, but haven't given it a try yet!

6:28 AM

Anonymous amy said...

I made a load of breakfast burritos the other day. It is handy to have something to pull out of the freezer.

3:36 AM


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