Saturday, October 11, 2008

We Were Off To See The Wizard

for the past two weeks we have been reading "the wizard of oz" at bedtime. we had promised the kids that we would watch the movie when we finished. and, since we finished the book last night, tonight was the night. since the kids had been waiting for this i wanted to make it something more special than popping in a video. so what else is there to do but have a theme dinner. i just love them. so, while the kids were watching the first half of the movie in the living room, my husband and i put together a feast just right for our munchkins. we whipped up "lion's courage elixir." otherwise known as black cherry kool aid (which we thought was going to be treat because they never get stuff like this, but they thought it was gross)"lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" animal crackers"tinman's axes," which were candied fruit slices with pretzel sticks for handles"scarecrow's stuffing," shoestring french friesand "follow the yellow brick road" pizza cut into bricks (my husband is a stickler for details some times)this was all laid out for them on blue gingham placemats to match dorothy's dress.and what trip down the yellow brick road is complete without a visit to the emerald cityconstructed out of lime knox blocks and reddiwip?

after dinner we finished up the movie and sent them off to bed. we had a wonderful night and it was so fun to do it with them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How fun! I wish I was even an iota this creative. My poor kids.

May God bless you,
Michele F. in Michigan

3:08 PM

Blogger simplysewn said...

Too cool, Heather. I would have to agree with the kids about the koolaid flavor, though......

3:41 AM


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