Wednesday, October 15, 2008


well, i'm sitting here watching ann what's her face talking to six poor souls and doing every thing she can to spin the facts and what they say to show how up a creek mccain is and what kind of a gift from above obama is. and you know what? i'm angry. i'm angry at the media who thinks they are so darned important that they should be able to latch on to a candidate from day one and then tell us what to think. and, i'm angry that so many of us allow the media to tell us what to think. we just lie down and take it and follow where they lead like sheep. it doesn't matter that this man lied through his teeth when he answered the question dealing with roe v. wade. when he is able to sit there, while supposedly fleshing out everything that he stands for, and completely backtrack against what he has already said about how he will pick supreme court justices and how he wants to insure that a woman can kill her child without asking anyone (insert his popular quote about the difficult decision between a woman and her spouse, minister, etc), without getting anyone's permission and at any time she wants to up until that child's body fully makes its entrance into the world on it's own. i'm frightened that the american people are allowing the wool to be pulled over their eyes by a slick talking man that seems to have all the answers all the time...even if the answer isn't the same twice.


Anonymous Chris said...

I'm with you, Heather. I couldn't even watch the commentaries after the debate; I was sickened! Oh, and I love how he said the decision was between a woman and her family etc... unless of course the woman is an underage girl. Then heaven forbid her parents are made aware of her "choice"! I guess then it's OK for it to be between the minor and her abortionist!

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