Monday, November 10, 2008

Simply Monday - November 10th

for today...

outside my window - yep, you guessed it, still dark. i really don't love getting up at five (i am not a morning person, trust me, although lately i haven't been a night owl either, so i'm not sure i own any part of the day anymore) but it allows me to get a few things done before my day with the kids starts and i really need that for my sanity.

i am thinking - that i wish there was a law that stores could only start a holiday thirty days before the actual date. all this christmas nonsense already makes me want to barf. there was something wrong with shopping for halloween candy the day before halloween to "winter wonderland" being pumped through the store's speakers.

i am thankful for - a whole slew of things including a place to live, a good outcome of the pampered chef party and a pretty relaxing weekend including staying in my jammies yesterday until ten in the morning.

from the learning rooms - we are plugging away again. i have slowed the pace for my oldest (not to mention removing some privileges and adding some chores) and things seem to be working better. however, if anyone knows the way to get an eight year old girl to stop arguing with you...i'd love to hear it.

from the kitchen - i made strawberry and grape jelly last week for christmas gifts. this week it will be more applesauce, strawberry lemonade concentrate and maybe peach butter.

i am wearing - a chicken costume and a hula skirt...with a sombrero.

i am creating - a whole slew of christmas presents...which all must be done when my dad comes to visit for thanksgiving because in order to avoid shipping costs, i must send them back with him.

i am going - to spend most of the day at home until my oldest needs to go to little flowers late this afternoon. hopefully this means i will get schoolwork and some other stuff done around here.

i am reading - nothing really from cover to cover right now. i've picked up something here and then put it down. just too many other things going on right now.

i am hoping - that this week pans out better than last week.

i am hearing - dh sorting out some laundry for me (aw, isn't he sweet?) and my youngest lying on the floor next to me...talking to herself (one of her favorite past times).

around the house - it is still (thankfully) pretty clean after having the pampered chef party on saturday. however, i observed this morning that the kids have trashed the basement. think legos, plastic dishes/food and little people spewed all over the entire room. add in a few random video game controllers, dress up clothes and pieces of construction paper for good measure and you've got the picture. i think they will definitely be tending to that this morning.

one of my favorite things - is cuddling with freshly tubbed little people in warm winter jammies. my son knows i like this so much that he will run straight from the tub to find me so that i can smell his head. (yeah, we're weird...i don't need the confirmation.)

a few plans for the rest of the week - some random things here and there but mostly singing for praise and worship tuesday night (and that means spending some much needed time with the Big Guy Upstairs) and dh husband has the day off on friday. we really, really need this after all of the overtime he has been pulling.

here is a picture thought i am sharing -
ok, two picture thoughts. we didn't have a picture of the three of them together. but anyway, these are my little people at the all saints day party at our parish. the oldest is st. agnes, the little man is st. george (which he is every year by the way) and the youngest is our lady of guadalupe...sort of.

have a wonderful day and stop on over to peggy's to check out the other day book entries. she now has a page solely dedicated to the day book so i'm going to link to that one too because well, i'm a paranoid kind of girl that likes to cover all my bases. :)


Blogger Nicole said...

I totally agree with you about having a holiday law. I couldn't believe it when I heard Christmas music the day after Halloween. Ugg!

I have an 8 year old who loves to argue too. One thing that helped my sanity was to start being a broken record when he starts arguing:

"Please go practice your piano"
"I HATE piano"
"I know"
"You're forcing me to take piano!"

"I know"

It seemed to work 'cuz he no longer got any reaction out of me. And it helped me not get drawn into an argument.

11:34 AM

Blogger Rose Mary said...

I'd vote for that holiday law, too, LOL! Hope you can start getting some rest.


5:37 PM


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