Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Want To Thank The Academy...

...and michele for giving me and "i love your blog award." strategic campaigning and voting among the masses this was not, but since i never win anything...and to give a bit of levity to my morning on this election day...i'll certainly accept with a smile. :) see, there it is. and now, without further ado...on to the questions (of course any award needs to be accompanied by questions answered quickly and concisely in order to provide some great sound bites for the adoring fans...alright, the rules are that i have to answer them in one word...not so much for the sound bites).

1. where is your cell phone? purse
2. where is dh? store
3. your hair color? blonde
4. your mother? illinois
5. your father? illinois
6. your favorite thing? peace
7. your dream last night? varied
8. your dream/goal? heaven
9. the room you're in? bedroom
10. your hobby? beading
11. your fear? many
12. where do you want to be in six years? here
13. where were you last night? library
14. what you're not? organized
15. one of your wish list items? minivan
16. where you grew up? illinois
17. the last thing you did? exercise
18. what are you wearing? outfit
19. your tv? off
20. your pet? cat
21. your computer? old
22. your mood? dizzy (ok, i know that's more of a physical condition and now i've broken the one word thing but this morning it's really bad)
23. missing someone? yep
24. your car? fleeting
25. something you're not wearing? moonboots
26. favorite store? thrift
27. your summer? good
28. love someone? many
29. your favorite color? blue
30. when is the last time you laughed? seconds
31. last time you cried? yesterday

i nominate the following bloggers for this oh so prestigious award...
1. red cardigan...i mean erin...over at and sometimes tea
2. chris who is burning the candle at both ends
3. stephanie who blogs at xialife about their beautiful little girl and soon to be new addition to the family.

instructions for the recipients...
-display your award
-link back to the person who gave it to you
-nominate at least three other blogs
-put links to those blogs on yours
-leave a message on the blogs of people you have nominated
-enjoy your award
-have a good day
-go vote (for life)

ok, i added the last two (and i know someone has already voted) but hey, it's on my mind.


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