Monday, November 03, 2008

Simply Monday - November 3rd

for today...

outside my window - it is still dark but the weather man says it's going to be a nice day...a not in the forties kind of day. i can really handle this kind of weather for the first few days of november.

i am thinking - about the election. who isn't?

from the learning rooms - thank you to all who wrote with encouragement last week about our school issues. we took the rest of the week (after a huge blow up on monday) away from math and had a happier house. both myself and my daughter needed the break as we were both just starting to be so anxious about her math and it was tainting the rest of the school day.

i am thankful for - time to relax yesterday. it was greatly needed by the entire family. our weekends have seemed so busy and everybody hanging out in their pjs until noon yesterday was just what we needed. we had went to mass on saturday night and stayed for an all saints day party (which i have yet to make the time to post about).

from the kitchen - i canned the applesauce and now i have been able to reclaim the space in my fridge. i need to make up another batch of breakfast sandwiches but i have to get some eggs first. i boiled up some stock this weekend from a chicken we had. i froze most of it but saved some to make chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight.

i am wearing - a spacesuit. i have no idea. just work with me here and know that i'm actually wearing the same boring workout clothes that i got tired of posting about.

i am reading - a few different books on canning and preserving, trying to decide whether i just want to go the traditional direction with the christmas gifts for family or if i'm going to branch out into something different. every year i hear some voices from the "it's the same thing...again" camp but i also know that if i deviate...those voices will suddenly become the "why did you change" camp. you just can't win.

i am hoping - that obama doesn't win this election. pure and simple. that is my greatest prayer, hope, wish and dream this week.

i am creating - a post about the election that i have been working on for the past month. i figure i should polish and finish it before the election...but of course not too far ahead of the election. procrastination and revision after revision...that's my style y'all.

i am hearing - the kids complaining about being chilly and getting their clothes on. you see. i am holding out and haven't turned the heat on yet. it's just a little chilly in here in the morning but it has been warming up nicely during the day.

around the house - yep, laundry and some other little projects. nothing too exciting. oh, and i got some curtains last night. now we just need to hang the rod and we'll be home free. i find it kind of an embarrassing commentary that we have been in this house eight months and i still haven't hung curtains. i'm sure our neighbors now know our schedules like clockwork.

one of my favorite things - is taking a nap. yesterday my husband and i had a discussion about what interests us. he listed off a few things and then asked me what interested me. i said, "interests? i don't have interests. i have children." i told him that i'm doing things with the kids all day so i can't do other things. obviously. he then asked what i liked to do when i was done being with the kids all day. to which i replied "sleep." he then made the proclamation that my interest was "sleeping." wow, that's great. thanks for pointing that out honey.

a few plans for the rest of this week - pray like crazy for this election, possibly have practice for "the band" on tuesday, and just a few little activities of the kids here and there. oh, and my pampered chef party on saturday. anybody need some kitchen gadgets?

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -"and because i'm so cute...the nice people of the neighborhood gave me all of this!"

please jog on over to peggy's to check out all the other day book entries.


Blogger Chez Nous said...

What a haul! Your daughter is adorable; no wonder she got so many treats!

I love Pampered Chef - I have so many of their gadgets - I don't have a favorite, I love them all!

4:36 AM

Blogger Schotzy said...

Fun post! And what a cute little
"bag lady" looks like she took quite a haul! Have a blessed week!

4:37 AM

Blogger AllyJo said...

Mega dittos.

I made curtains for our bedroom last weekend...well...for one window at least. 2 other windows still have sheets. We've been here a year and 2 months and several windows still don't have curtains.

You're a fun person and your daybook was a blessing.

I love Pampered Chef.

4:41 AM

Blogger Mary Rose said...

Funny! "I don't have interests. I have children." God bless you! You know, I have been well aware of the election but for some reason, early this morning I didn't even think of it. But yes, I am voting and I'm hoping the same.

Cute kiddo! Can I have some of that candy? ;-D

4:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too can't believe that it is already election time. We are not having a problem with the math portion of our homeschooling lessons but science is really proving to be frustrating.

6:02 AM

Blogger mom said...

You actually get to can applesauce?! I tell you, my kids are attempting to eat it as soon as they think it won't scald their mouths right out of the pan! I think it's maybe the most favorite thing to eat around here in the's hot applesauce :-) I'd love to buy enough to actually can, but I think it would take a dump truck load to be able to hit that amount!

Enjoy your day!

Tammy ~@~
Garden Glimpses

6:15 AM

Blogger Love Bears All Things said...

I would love to come to your pampered chef party. I love the food and the items they sale. The tiny wooden spoons are great. I was looking at their online sight recently and saw a few things I'd like to have.
About the curtains: Of course I don't have any either. I like the valance type wth blinds so I can let a lot of natural light in and see all the nature outdoors.
I'm hoping for motivation for some decorating projects soon. I tend to hibernate in the winter like "bears".
Thanks for the recipe for the breakfast sandwiches.
I like the idea of giving homemade goodies as Christmas gifts.
Mama Bear

6:37 AM

Blogger Kelly said...

Thanks for the giggles today! I love reading your posts!

I'm praying with you for tomorrow's election!

6:48 AM

Blogger Sandy M. said...

Amen to your comments on the election!

Plano, TX

8:54 AM

Blogger A Gracious Home said...

I'm afraid some people realized too late that the election is a spiritual battle. I pray God will come through with a miracle for McCain. Your Sister in Christ, Doylene

10:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Heather I nominated you for an I Love Your Blog award:

2:48 PM

Blogger Thru Pink Curtains said...

well hello it sounds like everyone had a comfortable day yesterday. we had a kid in the chair today that said he got a big pillowcase full of candy. i wonder what on earth he will do with it all. he was quite happy about it and said all he did was dress up with a skeleton mask oh well!!!!

6:19 PM


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