Monday, December 08, 2008

Simply Monday - December 8th

outside my window - it's rather chilly and overcast. OK, "rather chilly" doesn't begin to explain's just my way of trying not to complain too much. but, on the upside, yesterday was definitely worse. yesterday we had what i swear would classify as gale force winds and it was downright, bone chilling cold. i think the high was like 19 or something. but don't quote me on that.

i am thinking - that i have received many blessings today...we were able to find a mass despite the fact that the one that we showed up for that we were told was at a certain time actually happened 1 1/2 hours earlier, my husband has the day off and i can stop stressing about the doctor a bit.

from the learning rooms - we are doing nothing today and i'm not sweating it. when daddy is home i don't expect them to spend time on school work.

i am thankful for - friends who truly care, who pray fervently for you and who check in on you.

from the kitchen - i need to make another batch of applesauce and get a good start on the christmas baking. actually, first i need to narrow down what i'm going to bake. i always pick too many varieties, buy the supplies and then run out of steam. this year i think i'm setting my sights on five different cookies...that's it...yeah, we'll see. :)

i am wearing - jeans, a dark brown knit shirt, a lighter brown cardigan sweater and slippers.

i am reading - nothing yet again. wow, i'm exciting, motivated and intellectually stimulating.

i am hoping - that i am able to garner a bit more quiet and help my family to prepare in this season of advent for the birth of our Lord.

i am creating - christmas gifts for the kids. a dora hat, cushions for doll furniture and a boy doll for a little guy who is severely jealous of his bigger sister's doll.

i am hearing - my littlest watching veggie tales "the toy that saved christmas." it seems all tv rules fly out the window when daddy is off from work.

around the house - i need to put in some laundry. the downstairs is pretty clean since we had company over last night, but the upstairs could use some definite attention. and the basement? well we won't even talk about the basement.

one of my favorite things - is the red and green plaid down blanket we have in the living room. there is nothing warmer and it seems that every year i get colder, and colder, and colder. i think by the time i'm fifty i will be a block of ice from november to april.

a few plans for the rest of the week - take oldest dd to a meeting today, then everybody out to dinner and to her dance performance at the nursing home. tuesday is piano and praise and worship, wednesday to the doctor, thursday is gymnastics/spanish/dance/aaaaaah and friday we will be celebrating the feast of our lady of guadalupe. but i'm not quite sure how...yet. oh, and saturday we will go cut down our christmas tree. :)

here is a picture thought i am sharing - a preview to our new living room furniture that i have been promising a shot of. maybe i'll do the big unveiling this week. i know, you're holding your breath in expectation.

don't forgot to jog on over to peggy's to check out all the other entries. and yes, we all should jog, because those cookie exchanges are coming up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I keep checking to see if I get see your new living room set on your blog....

Emily Jonas

12:04 PM


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